Was your business or income affected by the recent oil spill?

Plains All American Pipeline deeply regrets if this accidental release has had an impact on you or your business. Plains is committed to making the appropriate financial reparations for any verified damages or losses directly caused by the spill. Doing the right thing means ensuring every individual or business that has been affected by the unfortunate accident have the opportunity to file a claim for losses related to the incident. Claims for reimbursement may include:
  • Those who have lost profits or had their earnings directly affected because the incident damaged or impaired their business or the business where they work
  • Tourism-based businesses and those who receive wages from such businesses
  • Those who make a living from natural resources that were lost or damaged due to the release
  • Commercial fishermen and related businesses
  • Individuals who were injured
  • Individuals and businesses whose property was damaged or destroyed
  • Those who have homes or boats on affected beaches

If you feel you have been impacted by the Line 901 crude oil release, you can initiate the claims process in one of two ways:

  By Phone: Call the claims line: 866-753-3619

  Online: Complete the web form below, and a claims representative will contact you within two business days.

What you can expect once you have initiated a claim:

  1. Once you have initiated the claims process either online, by mail or by phone, it will be assigned to a claims representative.
  2. The claims representative will contact you to schedule a call.
  3. During the call, the claims representative will discuss your circumstances and request any additional detail that is needed to initiate the claim.
  4. The representative will request that you provide receipts or other support to substantiate your claim. Any exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  5. Once approved, valid claims are paid in conjunction with receiving a completed release or interim release settlement agreement.
  6. Payments are typically made within 10 business days following the submission of all documentation.

Once a claim is submitted, it will be reviewed by a claims representative who will make the appropriate judgement on how to proceed with the claim. Every claim that is submitted will be reviewed but not all will be accepted.

Claim Initiation Form

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